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Mark the date on your calender : MARCH 3,2024

Medal for top  3 Spartan challenger

1 cup for the best hardworking Spartan

“Within each of us lies an inner warrior; it is our duty to awaken and harness our true potential.”

the Spartan Challenge is all about pushing your limits and overcoming obstacles, both physically and mentally. It’s a series of obstacle races that vary in difficulty, designed to test your endurance, strength, and resilience.

“We offer six distinct rounds of testing; each round consists of a two-minute test. For this challenge, weight, height, and age are not important factors. Anyone can join the battle and challenge themselves, but participants should be healthy and free from any health problems.


Round one: Two minutes push ups

Round two: Two minutes interval running

Round three:Two minutes deadlift 

Round four:Two minutes jump box

Round five: Two minutes  sit up

Round six:Two minutes  clean and jerk

It's free to watch

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